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Interior design is much more than aesthetics; it is about identity. Our team of Interior designers and Interior decorators  blend in together state of the art technology with high quality craftsmanship under expert understanding of design, colours, materials and aesthetics.

Riwaas designs can be categorised under the multifaceted combinated of sophisticated luxury and modern design. Creating timeless pieces tailored to the taste of our various clients. From initial concept design to the final finishing touches, we offer a completely bespoke service.

Our simple three step process where the architects start by building the structure, then the space is taken over by our top interior designers and finally the luxury designers add the hint of glamour to your space. By providing you a turnkey solution we give you all that you require under one roof. Opting for integrated turnkey solutions ensures a single point of contact for interiors, thereby, minimising the risk of dealing with multiple suppliers.


We work in all sectors and at all scales. Our cumulative experience and skill sets allows us to not just design a house which is efficient, economical but also very well thought over with its details for construction and execution. The top/famous architects at Riwaas make this process run smoothly. 

With our Architectural consultation and turneky service  we hope to improve the customer experience and ensure quality standards that we set ourselves. The delivery of turnkey projects, unlike the design service exclusively, offers greater security to the client in the final product process, as this will adapt to the one we marked at the beginning of the process. Our team of top architects will ensure that you find all these solutions for residential projects, commercial projects as well as hotels. 

The architects at the firm, are born with the vocation to offer a premium service to the client, creating unique designs that reflect the character of each client and complete their needs. We have always considered ourselves as a consultant, a counsellor who looks after their interests and helps them to develop an idea, a way of life.


RIWAAS resonates with aesthetically appealing, modern interior spaces. We believe that Adding a touch of our clients personalities amplifies the space even further, not just styling Your space but  turning it into a home is what we do best. Creativity with functionality is the definition of a good design, our team of experts will meet your design needs.

Creating one of a kind state of art, the story changes with each space. We just like toassist in creating appropriate interior spaces and elements which makes everyday living easy and comfortable for the residents. 

Finishing touches are the be-all and end-all for our interior designers and interior decorators . They focus on styling your room, a patio, your living space  like within a home. Whether for private or commercial use, the purpose remains the same. That is, to create the most aesthetically pleasing arrangement possible.


We offer high-end, bespoke services for your homes that include complex Finishes and   detailing. Our team works closely with our clients, assisting and providing exemplary service whether it’s for a single chair or a collection of various pieces. 

Our main aim being quality, reliability and craftsmanship guaranteeing the highest possible standards of workmanship. Bespoke furniture design is a culmination of our clients individual taste and our sensibilities of design. From the selection of materials, textures, fabrics, finishes and even manipulation of different materials is provided to the zenith of exclusivity at Riwaas. 

Riwaas’s vision is to provide you with a modernistic gallery approach, with maximum efficiency.  Drawing inspiration from the surrounding, we endeavour to bring the outside in with varied sophisticated textures, forms and colours. This is all closely looked upon by our Luxury interiors designers.

There are countless elements that make you, uniquely you. And we love helping you express your identity through our highly adaptable designs. Not just chairs, we can change the size, configuration, colour and materials of nearly every design. Our aim lies in creating a truly personal home that matches your style, budget and the way you live.

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