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“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.” – Frank Gehry

 Environmental psychologists believe if the places we live and work in are designed for our mind, it positively affects our psychology. It improves our quality of life and benefits society in general. That’s the scale of impact a great design of our surroundings can have on us. 

 The world is filled with brilliant interior design minds, and India, by no stretch of the imagination, is behind in this race. 

 The Interior Designers in India are masters of both modern and contemporary designs, and they make their craft better by integrating these designs with Indian heritage. 

 Three Top Interior Designers in India Creating Magic Between Walls

 Interior Decorators in India created terrific projects around the country, and they have a reputation for crafting one of the most beautiful spaces with minimal interventions.

 Let’s dive into the craftsmanship of three Top Interior Designers in India who managed to create a niche for themselves. 


The firm created its niche by incorporating Indian society and culture into the architectural design. The firm relies on the surroundings of a property to use modern elements in traditional design techniques.  

 The 1sP+a, run by Padora and associates, has also got recognition by the prestigious Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture. 

#2 The KariGhars

The firm KariGhars is among one of the best Luxury Interior Designers in India. They rely on intelligent manipulation of light and space for their craftsmanship. 

 The Bangalore based firm offers a variety of services, from space planning to consultation.  

#3 DesignQube 

The firm design cube has a base in multiple cities in India. DesignCube firmly believes in processes. And they have a team that aligns with their vision and culture. 

 The firm achieved sizable success after bagging clients like Nestle India and Logitech. DQ is in the business of design consulting, management and contract service. 

 Above are some Interior Designers in India who chose a unique path to serve their clients. However, the USP of Riwaas is to create spaces that tell a story of their times – the contemporary trends and technical innovation. Riwaas creates spaces that align with the design vogue of the time. 

 Let’s understand how Riwaas is redefining luxury living and experiences with a modern architectural approach! 

 Riwaas- A One-stop Solution to Your Next Luxurious Property 

 The luxury and comfort should go hand-in-hand. There is no meaning of cosmetic luxury that deters convenience. At Riwaas, we believe in delivering an architectural symphony, where your exteriors and interiors come together to make your space vibrant, lively yet unique.

 We work with Top Interior Designers in India to provide you with everything “architectural design” in your space. So even if you are at the inception stage of your construction, we have a road map for you. We’ll have a team present at your site 24*7 to assist with everything you need for your potential luxury property.

 So, we at Riwaas are working towards building world-class interior marvels in the country, the reason we don’t limit ourselves to a particular category of properties. Instead, we work on all kinds of properties, starting from residential, commercial, hotels to malls. 

 Our services include interior design consultancy, turnkey, architectural consultancy, turnkey, and interior styling. 

 Riwaas believes in research, innovation and planning to deliver the desired results. To learn more about our services, click here. Also, you can write to us at [email protected] to book the visit. We’ll get back to you shortly!

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